Congressman Duncan Hunter

Back to the desk of Chuck Yeager.

I had the great pleasure to attend a campaign fundraiser for United States Congressman Duncan Hunter, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, with special guest General Chuck Yeager in San Diego, California, on March 28, 2003. Also there were General West, a Medal of Honor recipient, and three Navy Cross recipients, and a Vietnam war Navy fighter ace.

The event was truly fun and exciting. Although the Dinner Chairperson had hoped that 400-600 would come, a whopping 1100 people attended and gave several enthusiastic standing ovations to General Chuck Yeager and Congressman Hunter. General Yeager was playfully challenged to dogfight by the Navy fighter ace, to which General Yeager quipped “Bring your parachute.” General Yeager spoke at Congressman Hunter’s first campaign fundraiser in 1980 and this time, as usual, General Yeager was informative, entertaining, and witty. He poked some fun at the Navy ace, who poked a little back, always with great respect.

While I’m not fond of most politicians, I must say Congressman Duncan Hunter impresses me greatly. Congressman Hunter asks direct questions and expects direct answers, which he gets from General Yeager. Congressman Hunter is active in making sure our military is well-supplied with cost effective weapons and materials. He listens, investigates, analyzes, and acts – a truly great leader.

He also has a great sense of humor, great intelligence, and incredible determination. I watched him respond to media trying to provoke him and he was interesting, steady, informative, and honest.

He is a kind, generous man who is tough when the situation requires it. His wife, Lynne, and family are also terrific. They exemplify “Family Values”.

Back to the desk of Chuck Yeager.