Edwards Air Force Base, 2007

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Edwards Air Force Base, September 21, 2007 – General Yeager flew a US Air Force F-16 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Breaking the Sound Barrier (October 14, 2007), the 60th anniversary of the United States Air Force (September 18, 2007) and 65 years of General Yeager flying in military cockpits. Yeager was part of a flight of four planes; two F-16’s with Gen. Chuck Yeager and Maj. Gen. Joe Engle aboard, and two T-38’s carrying F-15 pilot Fitz Fulton, NASA Astronaut Col. Dave Scott, and Commander Curt Bedke. Yeager and Engle’s F-16’s broke the sound barrier high above the Base Operations Center – a double sonic boom, then the four planes executed a slow straight through pass, pitched out, landed, and taxied up to the hanger where the 2007 Air Force Ball was about to begin, attended by more than 1,000. Hundreds of ball guests, in gowns, tuxedos, and dress blues, were assembled to greet the fliers, who snapped on black bow-ties and strolled into the ball wearing their flight suits. Gen. Yeager was honored at the dinner with a 60th Anniversary Sound Barrier Busting cake.

Curt Bedke, Chuck Yeager and Joe EngleOn arrival for the pre-flight briefing, Major Gen. Curt Bedke, Gen. Chuck Yeager, and Maj. Gen. Joe Engle pause for a photograph.

Dave Scott, Chuck Yeager, Curt Bedke and Ed CassidyRear: Dave Scott and Chuck Yeager; Front: Their co-pilots, respectively, Maj. Gen. Curt Bedke, and Major Ed Cassidy.

Curt Bedke and Chuck YeagerGen. Curt Bedke and Gen. Chuck Yeager at the Flight Briefing.

Curt Bedke and Chuck Yeager in a BusGen Curt Bedke and Gen Chuck Yeager on their way to the flight line.

Cleared to TaxiGen. Chuck Yeager, cleared for taxi to the run-up area.

Four EddiesThe flight of four planes… Eddy 1 – 3 & Yeager’s Eddy 11 (his traditional base call sign), waiting for take-off clearance.

Chuck Yeager Addressing The Air Force Ball AttendeesGen. Chuck Yeager addressing the 2007 Air Force Ball attendees.

Chuck Yeager Cutting the CakeCutting the 60th Anniversary cake commemorating Chuck Yeager’s barrier busting feat at Edwards on October 14, 1947.

Tasting the IcingChuck Yeager enjoying the honor of licking the frosting from the sabre.

Governor Joe ManchinWest Virgina Governor Joe Manchin, guest of Chuck Yeager at the Air Force Ball, was given a tour of NASA Dryden earlier in the day.

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