Edwards AFB Open House and Air Show 2005

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On October 14, 1997, Gen. Yeager captured the world’s attention at the 50th anniversary of his historic achievement in the faster-then-sound Bell XS-1 aircraft by reenacting his supersonic flight in a Boeing F-15D Eagle at Edwards Air Force Base. Today, Gen. Yeager continues to fly in the annual Edwards AFB Air Show. His 20th Edwards Air Show performance was on October 22-23, 2005, piloting a North American P-51 Mustang. At 82 years young, it was inspiring to watch him fly, taxi up to the grandstand, throw back the canopy of the P-51, and hop to the ground.

Victoria Yeager with friends
Chuck and Victoria Yeager.

Victoria Yeager with friends at the show, waiting to watch Chuck Yeager perform.

Chuck and Victoria Yeager, discussing his flight before the takeoff.


Chuck Yeager climbing into the cockpit
The chocks are pulled away

Chuck Yeager climbing into the cockpit of Red Dog III.

The chocks are pulled away, and Gen. Yeager is ready to start up the engine.


Gen. Yeager's low pass
Fly-by with the wheels down

Gen. Yeager making a low pass by the grand stand in P-51D “Red Dog III”.

Another fly-by with the wheels down before settling to the ground in front of the cheering crowd.


Maj. Borror and Gen. Yeager flying in formation
To the parking spot

Maj. Sean “Scope” Borror, F-22 Test Pilot with the 411th Flight Test Squadron, flying in formation with Gen. Yeager. “I had the great pleasure of flying with Gen. Yeager at the Edwards airshow”, wrote Maj. Borror, adding that it was “truly one of the highlights of my flying career”.

With the canopy drawn back, Yeager is directed to his parking spot in front of the main grandstand.


Chuck Yeager with airmen
Doug Pearson, Chuck Yeager, and Joe Engle

After hopping to the ground, Chuck Yeager posed for some pictures with airmen.

Good friends Doug Pearson, Chuck Yeager, and Joe Engle.


Joe Engle, Curtis Bedke and Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager with Eagle Scouts

On the grandstand with other dignitaries for speeches to the thousands of visitors at Edwards. Left to right: Maj. Gen. (ret.) Joe Engle, Maj. Gen. Curtis Bedke (base commander), and Brig. Gen. (ret.) Chuck Yeager.

Two Eagle Scout brothers were admitted to the commander’s tent to visit with Chuck Yeager.


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