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Here you can purchase books, photographs, aviation art, models, and more, signed by General Chuck Yeager! Items that say “personalized” in the utem description MUST be personalized. These items will be inscribed with ONLY the FIRST name you provide, and the phrase “Good luck!”. Please enter the first name you would like your item to be personalized to before adding it to your shopping cart. If no name is provided, the items will be personalized to the first name of whomever placed the order. Sorry, no other messages can be accommodated.

No item may be returned for any reason. General Yeager, of course, reserves the right not to sign anything

Shop online at The Right Stuff Store.

Have one of your own items autographed by Chuck Yeager.

(Such item also will be personalized with first name only. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery when placing these orders.)

Please make your checks or mail orders out to Chuck Yeager (not the General Chuck Yeager Foundation) for your own items to be autographed.

Some items may not be acceptable for signing, so please email a description of the item to be signed to editor@chuckyeager.com for approval prior to sending your item. Please do not send models or photographs taken from the Internet as they may be copyrighted.

Ask permission first by email only. We will tell you how much it will cost. Then you will send amount quoted plus a mailing label with your address on it for return.

Send the filled out form in total, plus the money and label.

No name to personalize, it will not be autographed.

Online ordering is not available for personal items. Please print, and mail the following form with your payment.

Click here for a printable order form.

The General Chuck Yeager Staff is interested in trades for certain memorabilia you may have. For more details for what you might be willing to trade, please email editor@chuckyeager.com.

* Please do not send any Boy Scout letter requests to General Yeager. As he receives over 500 per week; he cannot personally answer ALL of them, so he answers none.

Shop online at The Right Stuff Store.