Wild Javelina Hunting

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General Chuck Yeager and his wife Victoria were invited to a friend’s ranch in Encinal, Texas, to help with thinning the native pigs (wild javelina). Javelina pose problems for landowners, due to predation on livestock, damage to fencing, and other property damage. The ranch owner had an Aerial Wildlife Management Permit, and needed a sharpshooter to help him thin the herd. Their pilot, Bob, is a Vietnam War vet and an excellent helicopter pilot. General Yeager shot 59 pigs in one hour with 57 shots. The pigs went to feeding the hungry in Encinal and elsewhere in the Southern Texas environs. What a special Thanksgiving Dinner that must have made! Javelina is a lean meat that when cooked properly results in dishes that are very tasty. Try this recipe for Javelina Sausage:

Using 10 lbs. of meat (use 1/2 javelina and 1/2 pork trimmings).


4 Tbsp salt, 2 Tbsp sage, 2 Tbsp black pepper, 1 Tbsp brown sugar.

After the hunt, Chuck and Victoria Yeager did some flying in the ranch’s Piper taildragger.

Chuck and Victoria in a Chopper

Victoria Yeager and Chuck Yeager on the pig hunt.

Bob with Chuck Yeager

Helicopter pilot “Bob” with Chuck Yeager.

In a Piper

Chuck and Victoria Yeager in the Piper taildragger.


Gen. Yeager giving his wife pointers in a tail dragger.

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